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Help is only a few moments away.

Get in touch with us by sending a detailed email relating to your issue to help@absolutehosting.co.za and we’ll respond to you within 12 hours (Monday to Friday – 9am – 4pm)

Browse our extensive knowledge base that provides hundreds of solutions to the most common issues, including video tutorials

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Comprehensive client service area

Don’t have access to your email and need support?

Log into our client service area to create, update and view the status of your support requests.

Browse our extensive knowledge base that provides hundreds of solutions to the most common issues, including video tutorials

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Priority Support

Use our Priority Support feature to bump your ticket to the top of the queue or call in to receive immediate support at R250 per issue.

Priority support ensures that your issue receives a response prior to any other support tickets.

Absolute Hosting Support Policies

rocketBefore submitting a support request, have you :

  • Checked the status of our network via our Network Status page?
  • Browsed or searched our knowledge base for a suitable solution to your issue?

If you have done both of the above and still need help then :

  • Send a detailed email from a registered email address to help@absolutehosting.co.za or log a ticket via the Absolute Hosting Client Service Area explaining the issue in detail. Include as much information as humanly possible in order for us to resolve the issue on receipt of your initial query.
  • Log each incident or issue within a separate ticket – do not include multiple issues within one ticket.

All support related requests are handled on a first come first serve basis, unless your ticket has been bumped to priority support as per the pricing listed below.

Be polite, courteous and respectful throughout your interaction with our staff.

Abuse will not be tolerated.

Regular Support Ticket

R0/Per Ticket

  • Send an email to our help desk or log a ticket within the client service area

High Priority Ticket

R250/Per Incident

  • Receive instant support on an existing ticket, one issue per billable item.

account securityFor your security and that of your account we will only permit changes or requests from a Registered Contact

All support requests must be submitted in writing via email to or logged from within the client service area – we do not entertain or permit any other method of support.

Whilst we strive to provide responses to tickets within 30 minutes, we do not guarantee any amount of time in which a ticket receives a response.

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