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Africa Data Centres JHB 2


A Tier 4 Data Centre Facility with uncompromised physical security and redundancy.

No other Data Centre Provider in South Africa meets our requirements for impenetrable physical security, excellence in service and carrier neutral service offerings.

Africa Data Centres Samrand

Africa Data Centres Samrand


We’ve learnt over the years that redundancy is critical for hosting providers and our reliance on a Data Centre Provider to ensure that power and cooling is without interruption or critical failure.

The above statement holds even more weight in the South African context where our country and power supply is under immense pressure due to Eskom’s Load Shedding.

Many of South Africa’s Data Centre Providers advertise N+1 or Tier 3 facilities which sound great until things go wrong – and trust us, they do go wrong and very quickly. It is for this reason that when Absolute Hosting embarked on migrating away from an N+1 Data Centre Provider that we sought a Provider that could provide us with 99.995% uptime (<26.3 minutes downtime per year).

Welcome Africa Data Centres JHB 2 – the OG of Data Centre’s. It doesn’t take much to figure out why three of South Africa’s largest banks, Foreign Banks and other multi billion rand organizations host at JHB 2 or have migrated to JHB 2. If you are looking to host your own environment at ADC then feel free to reach out to us and we’ll gladly put you in touch with our AM.


Client IT load 35 MW once fully built out with 5 feeders coming to site configured in parallel.

Power distribution configured to 2N, supplied by DRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Generator backup fueled to provide a minimum of 7 days supported by service delivery agreements with diesel vendors.

Connected to 24/7 Security Operations Centre and Service Control Centre.

Multilevel security zone principle secures the critical area and the technical operation.

Multiple barrier security system deployed across the facility.

Africa Data Centres Samrand
Africa Data Centres Samrand


Cooling system to the Data Halls is configured to 2N solution with high resiliency

CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units are designed to N+2 in the Data Hall

Cold aisle Containment done to maintain coolingefficiencies.

Fire and bomb proof walls

High sensitivity smoke detection system deployed in the data halls

Low pressure gas system installed in the Data Halls triggered by a double knock on detection of the fire condition

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