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We all know that word of mouth advertising is the crem-dela-crem of any form of advertising as its inspired and backed by experience and truth. When you refer your friends, family, colleagues or a client you’re putting your neck out on the line with the hope that the company you are referring lives up to their expectations – right?

We live up to your expectations and those that you refer and because of this we have created our Hosting Affiliate referral program that rewards you for referring others.

Our affiliate program allows you to easily refer friends, family, colleagues or even your Ex to Absolute Hosting and earn a 10% referral fee when the referral signs up and pays for any of our services. By simply adding your unique affiliate code to a link within a forum thread, an email, a URL on facebook, instagram, twitter or any other platform you get rewarded for your referral conversions.

Activate your Affiliate Account

step oneActivate your Affiliate Account

Log in to the Absolute Hosting Client Service Area and Activate your Affiliate Account

Activate Affiliate Account

step twoTrack and view Affiliate Referrals

Copy your unique Affiliate ID from the Affiliate Referrals page

Affiliate Referral Program

step threeRefer our services using your Referral Links

Copy and paste a set of predefined referral links on to your chosen social media platform.

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