CIPC Domain Registration

CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) in association with ZACR (ZA Central Registry) and ZADNA (ZA Domain Name Authority) recently launched their new domain registration portal which provides CIPC customers with the ability to register domain names through the CIPC website.

This guide will walk you through the process of registering a domain name with CIPC and transferring the domain name to Absolute Hosting.

Domain names registered with CIPC cannot be used to host a website nor email facilities until they have been transferred to an Accredited Registrar who provides Web hosting and email hosting facilities.

In addition, domain names registered with CIPC cannot have their Domain Name Services (DNS) records pointed to an accredited registrar or hosting provider, and must be transferred.

domain name


domain name

On the Domain Name Services page, scroll down and click on to Register a Domain Name

CIPC Transact

On the Domain Name Service page, which features and explains the collaboration between all parties – scroll down and click on the Register a Domain Name button

Now take a read through the CIPC Domain Registration Terms and conditions and if you accept then click the checkbox to agree and click Continue

Enter the Company Registration number you are registering the domain name for, and validate that the Registration number is correct and that the company is active with CIPC