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BL5N1 OUTAGE (Outage)

Affecting System - BL1N1 OUTAGE | Priority - Critical


We are currently resolving an issue on ( which affects all web sites hosted on this server.

Updates will be posted on our noticeboard.

Date - 22/11/2017 16:38 - 22/11/2017 20:30

Last Updated - 22/11/2017 16:41

Scheduled Migration Helm 3 ZA - Helm 3 US - H (Scheduled)

Affecting System - Scheduled Migration (Windows Reseller and End User Clients) | Priority - Medium

Escalation of Scheduled Migration (Windows Reseller and End User Clients)
Friday 13th October 08H00 - 31st December 2017 17H00

Engineers will be performing the final migration of all Helm Services over to the new Solid Control Panel during the scheduled Migration Period.
During the migration period, support will be limited to tickets only (All telephonic support to be disabled) and all Helm Control Panels disabled to ensure no further changes to these legacy environments whilst the migration completes.

Kindly ensure that you complete any / all changes required on your Helm account(s) prior to the start of the Scheduled Migration on Friday 13th October 08H00

Migration of Helm Control Panel to new Absolute Hosting Control Panel.

Helm 3 and Helm 4 have reached end of life and with the introduction of our new Windows 2012 R2 SSD Servers our clients are unable to benefit from the advances in technology available to them with the current Control Panel.

As a result, both Helm 3 and Helm 4 will be discontinued as of the scheduled maintenance period and all clients migrated to the AHCP 
The new control panel is provided by SolidCP, an updated version of Website Panel.

For clients that use automated billing systems such as WHMCS, please download and install the SolidP WHMCS Module.

Migration Plan for End Users

All end users will have their accounts migrated to the new control panel starting at the beginning of the Migration Period, and their account details will be mailed through to them.

Migration Plan for Resellers.

Reseller migration will start immediately after completion of the end user migration.

Changes affecting Helm 3 and Helm 4

During the migration process access to Helm 3 and Helm 4 will be restricted - kindly ensure that any changes which need to be made to your hosted accounts are performed prior to the start of the change.

Changes affecting Hosting Packages

All clients will be migrated to the new hosting packages available via our website.
New services will be matched according to current monthly cost or usage on your account.

End User PricingReseller Pricing and package details are available from our online store 

Date - 13/10/2017 08:00 - 31/12/2017 17:00

Last Updated - 06/11/2017 14:23